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Mac OS Sierra Upgrade Notice
Posted by Joey Noble on 2016-September-19 09:37 AM

Sierra is the latest Mac OS to be released publicly on Sept. 20, 2016. In collaboration with SOMTech and to comply with recent VCU IT audit results, VIPBG IT is requesting that user DO NOT upgrade any VCU systems with Sierra. Failure to comply with this request may cause applications to malfunction including the breaking of encryption which could result in the loss of your data or render your system inoperable or both.

If you receive notifications from Apple to upgrade to Sierra, DO NOT accept! Once SOMTech has properly tested Sierra in VCU’s academic environment, VIPBG IT will notify through the listserv instructions for upgrading your system.

 Please note:  New Mac systems shipped after Sept. 20, 2016 may come pre-installed with Sierra and will be held until the vetting process has ended. Because of this, new Mac orders should be delayed until after SOMTech has approved the use of Sierra.

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Large Scale Ransomware Campaign Reported
Posted by Joey Noble on 2016-July-21 08:38 AM

VCU InfoSec was recently made aware of a large scale ransomware campaign aimed to deliver the Locky ransomware to enterprise victims via email. The malicious emails will typically have a spoofed sender's address of copier@domainname.extension (e.g.,, and contains a Microsoft Word document with a macro extension (docm file). If the victim opens the document and executes the macro, the Locky ransomware will then be downloaded and proceed to encrypt the victim's computer and network drives. VCU InfoSec is actively monitoring this situation as it develops. Please DO NOT open attachments from email addresses you do not recognize or that appear suspicious.

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Windows Update Affecting Word 2013
Posted by Joey Noble on 2016-February-16 10:50 AM

An update was recently released by Microsoft which may cause slow performance and lockups in Word 2013 and Outlook 2013. This issue may affect both 32bit and 64bit systems. If you have automatically applied Windows Updates and are experiencing issues mentioned above, you may remove the update by using the following steps:

  1. Click START and enter Windows Update in the search field.
  2. Open Windows Update
  3. Click View update history
  4. Click Installed Updates
  5. Sort by Installed On column
  6. Locate update KB3114717 and double-click to open
  7. Follow the pop-up windows removal instructions

 If you are not comfortable preforming the steps above, please submit a support request under Technologies > General PC/Mac Support at

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Phase II of Email Migration Started 11/23
Posted by Joey Noble on 2015-December-11 11:04 AM

The second phase of the email migration began on Nov. 23, 2015. This second phase includes the migration of your archived VCU.EDU email; that is email that was older than May 2014 and any subsequent archived email is being migrated to your VCUHEALTH.ORG account. You may notice an increase in the quantity of messages in your inbox.

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IMAP to be shut down on Lotus Notes Servers – November 13, 2015
Posted by Joey Noble on 2015-November-09 10:27 AM

If you are currently accessing your old Lotus Notes email through an IMAP client such as MacMail, Thunderbird, Outlook, or Eudora, your connection to the Lotus Notes system will no longer function after November 13, 2015. You will still be able to access your Lotus Notes archives online by logging into Mail Anywhere via the VCU portal. Everyone should have been migrated over to the new email address. Please let me know if you have not been migrated yet.

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