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Adobe Acrobat XI Lifecycle Ends
Posted by Joey Noble on 2018-April-09 05:40 PM
The support lifecycle for Adobe Acrobat 11.x and Adobe Read 11.x ended on Oct. 15, 2017. This means that Adobe no longer provides technical support, including product and/or security updates to these products. What should I do now? You may continue to use Acrobat XI and Reader XI, but Adobe will no longer provide any updates or address any existing bugs or security issues in the software . For this reason, VIPBG IT is strongly recommending
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Upgrade to Mac High Sierra OK
Posted by Joey Noble on 2018-April-09 05:38 PM
SOMTech has completed vetting Mac High Sierra for use in the School of Medicine. You may now upgrade to the latest OS if you choose. Please keep in mind that the upgrade alters the file structure of your Mac system and some older, third party applications may not support this change. If you proceed with the upgrade on your own, please perform a complete backup of your data prior to upgrading. You may also schedule an upgrade with VIPBG IT by submitting a new support request through the VIPBG
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Windows 10 Users Windows Update Issues
Posted by Joey Noble on 2018-January-29 10:38 AM
Windows 10 users have been reporting problems with Windows Updates (specifically Feature Updates) failing. This is a known issue affecting the current version of the DDPE (encryption client). VCUTS has sent out a fix; however, it involves decrypting the system, applying the update, and re-encrypting the system which is a long and painful process that I want to avoid. The good news is, a new DDPE client is being developed that will allow the Windows Updates to go through. We have about 12
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Mac High Sierra Upgrade and DDPE
Posted by Joey Noble on 2018-January-29 10:36 AM
Many of you Mac users have been asking about upgrading your Mac to the new High Sierra OS. Unfortunately, I do not have any good news at this time. The recent stable DDPE (encryption) client only supports OS version 10.13.2; however, if you apply the High Sierra upgrade, it will update to version 10.3.3 which is not supported by the DDPE client. It is possible that upgrading may have no effect on the DDPE client (and some of you may have upgraded already) but that is questionable. So, I am
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Kaspersky AV Banned On Federal Systems
Posted by Joey Noble on 2017-September-15 09:36 AM
Please be advised that DHS have now banned the use of Kaspersky software on federal government IT systems. If anyone you support is working on federally funded projects, then please expect questions from funding agencies soon.   Please note that the University uses Sophos antivirus as its official antivirus system, and with exception of certain lab and classroom computers using Faronics AV, the use of Sophos is required for University managed endpoint computers. If you have any
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