PCARD Documentation
Posted by Margaret Phillips, Last modified by Joey Noble on 2013-September-29 10:50 AM

Departments are authorized to image/scan P-card transaction documentation (e.g., receipts, packing slips, etc.) for record retention purposes. The P-card reviewer is responsible for ensuring the imaged documents are clearly legible and not altered. Provided the imaged documentation is legible and not altered, the original paper documentation may be destroyed. Departments still have the option of retaining paper supporting documentation if desired.

Additionally, the P-card reviewer must ensure that the cardholder has no access to destroy or modify the imaged documentation once it has been scanned. A best practice would be ensuring all electronic images are properly backed up in the event of a hard disc crash. Use of ImageNow is highly recommended.

Imaged documents must be retained for the current fiscal year plus three additional fiscal years. Documentation for purchases made using grant indexes may need to be retained for a longer period, and departments should refer to the specific grant for record retention requirements.

Should you have any questions, please contact Thelma Stockton (8-4232) or Lena Massie (8-3407).

C. Edward Gibbs
Director, Procurement Services

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