Backup Drive Maintenance - Windows 7
Posted by Joey Noble, Last modified by Joey Noble on 2016-June-16 11:47 AM

Windows 7 Backup and Restore manages your system backups. Overtime, your backup drive will become full; the larger the backup the quicker the drive fills up. Windows 7 does not remove old backups, this must be done manually.  Follow these steps to maintain adequate space on your backup drive:

  1. Click the Windows START icon and enter "backup" in the search field; a list will populate.
  2. Choose Backup and Restore from the list.
  3. Click Manage Space.
  4. Click View Backup.
  5. Select and DELETE all past backups keeping at least the LAST TWO full backups.

Depending on how large your backup file is and if you included a system image when you initially set your backup schedule, drive maintenance should be performed at least once every three months.

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