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Foreign Travel General Technology Recommendations
Posted by Joey Noble, Last modified by Joey Noble on 2014-November-07 03:11 PM

General Recommendations for Travelers Prior to Departure

  • Bring a minimum number of devices with you while traveling.
  • Backup your device before traveling, should your device be lost or stolen, your data will be stored safely elsewhere.
  • Use a password, passcode, or passphrase on your device, but don't store it with your device.
  • Set screen locks so that devices automatically lock following certain period of inactivity.
  • Keep your computer software, antivirus, and firewall updated before you leave.
  • Use encryption to protect your personal confidential information on your devices before you leave.
  • Avoid bringing sensitive information such as your research intellectual property with you if possible. If the information is needed on your trip, use encryption to protect it.
  • Consult with your IT support personnel for any additional tips before leaving.

General Recommendations for Travelers While Away

  • Avoid using free wireless networks in public spaces. If such network must be used, then avoid accessing sensitive information (credit cards, bank accounts, sensitive University systems) while connected to these networks.
  • Keep your device with you, do not leave your devices unattended.
  • Use University VPN system when access sensitive University data.
  • Avoid using Internet Cafes or public workstations to access sensitive information.
  • Disable unneeded services such as BlueTooth, WiFi, or GPS when applicable.

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