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High Risk Travel General Technology Recommendations
Posted by Joey Noble on 2014-November-07 03:11 PM

General Recommendations for Travelers Visiting High Risk Countries

These recommendations will only apply to travelers visiting countries with history of intellectual property theft or are unfriendly to the U.S. (he State Department's ITAR list: and Russia are considered high risk countries).

  • Prepare for limited access to Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and certain blogs, as the country may limit access to these websites and services.
  • Use dedicated, University supplied equipment (Special configuration with high security endpoint protection tools such as EMET should be applied to prevent intrusion and minimize any impact of compromise).
  • VPN connection is strongly recommended for all communications using any devices.
  • Laptop and mobile devices should be encrypted and protected by strong passwords, passphrases or passcodes.
  • Do not accept or attempt to access data on thumb drives from others in the country.
  • Avoid accessing sensitive information while abroad at a high risk country. If such access is absolutely needed, dedicated laptops should be used, and mobile devices should not be used to access such data.
  • Turn off your devices when not in use.
  • Dedicated equipment should be wiped or re-imaged once they are brought back to the University, and before they can connect to the University network.
  • Travelers should consider changing their passwords to the sensitive University systems once they return.

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