New Affiliate Accounts for Collaborators
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The following instructions explain the process by which an external researcher, who will be involved in a research collaboration with VIPBG, can obtain access to the VCU library, data sources, and other privileges as an 'affiliate with privileges' and how they may complete the setup of their VCU eID, connecting to RamsVPN, and subsequently the LIGHT cluster:

Requesting New Affiliate Access

  1. The primary faculty (PI) member must submit a new support request under the Technologies > New Affiliate Access department in the VIPBG Help Desk. The PI must include the collaborators first and last name, email address, the data they need access to, and the reason for the request. Please create a separate request for each affiliate.
  2. Support requests are then sent to the VIPBG Administrator whereas an affiliate datasheet will be emailed to the collaborator to complete.
  3. Completed affiliate datasheets are then sent to VCU HR for processing. When complete, HR sends the affiliates eID and Banner ID information back to the administrator and VIPBG IT. New affiliates are then notified by VIPBG IT of their new account and how to complete the setup using the instructions below.
  4. Affiliate accounts must be renewed annually otherwise their access will be terminated.

Already Received Your VCU Affiliate Info? [How to setup your affiliate access]

Activating eID
Visit and enter your Banner ID (aka V Number) and your birth date in the required fields; you do not need to enter a VCU Card Number. Click Submit and you will be shown your VCU eID then proceed to set up a password using the criteria listed on that page. Once complete, it may take up to 24-hours for your information to propagate across VCU network resources.

Setting Up RamsVPN
Visit and enter your VCU eID and password from above. Follow the instructions for setting up RamsVPN plus Duo Mobile two-factor authentication. Please note: In Step 2 of the VPN Setup Instructions, if the automatic installation fails, click the Download VPN link and manually install the Cisco AnyConnect client.

Connecting to the LIGHT Cluster
Download and install a SSH client such as MobaXterm, PuTTy, or Secure Shell. Log into the LIGHT cluster using the credentials emailed to you by Huan (Helen) Wang, VIPBG Systems Administrator; these are separate credentials from your eID. Remember, you must be logged into RamsVPN before you can SSH to LIGHT.

Please contact VIPBG IT if you are having issues connecting.

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