Mac OS Sierra Upgrade Notice
Posted by Joey Noble on 2016-September-19 09:37 AM

Sierra is the latest Mac OS to be released publicly on Sept. 20, 2016. In collaboration with SOMTech and to comply with recent VCU IT audit results, VIPBG IT is requesting that user DO NOT upgrade any VCU systems with Sierra. Failure to comply with this request may cause applications to malfunction including the breaking of encryption which could result in the loss of your data or render your system inoperable or both.

If you receive notifications from Apple to upgrade to Sierra, DO NOT accept! Once SOMTech has properly tested Sierra in VCU’s academic environment, VIPBG IT will notify through the listserv instructions for upgrading your system.

 Please note:  New Mac systems shipped after Sept. 20, 2016 may come pre-installed with Sierra and will be held until the vetting process has ended. Because of this, new Mac orders should be delayed until after SOMTech has approved the use of Sierra.